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The thing with the Fae X-men/Brotherhood thing going on, where your vows are literally as binding as the laws of physics if physics were based on strength of body and spirit-

Wouldn't flyting be a Thing, in that instance?  And the grandiose speeches that heroes and villains give, monologuing as a free action (as we say in my D&D group).  Those would literally be displays of power, as well as reckless overconfidence if you're vowing all over the place in public that your enemies will fall (and that their mothers dress them funny) etc.  I figure for every time one cannot complete an oath (or deliberately fails to, or breaks one), there's a loss of some of your magical energy, up to and including life force, as well as painful backlash.  That's if you're not so constrained by your vows that you cannot consider deliberately disobeying in the first place.

I keep thinking of thing that require a lot more brain power than I can bring to bear at the moment, but which I want to see.  Edit- to clarify, this suddenly requires a much better head for poetry and literary references than I have.
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Sleeping Beauty as an active participant, not a passive object-

Some sort of trance-magic or astral travel?  Perhaps it’s something she’s doing to let her body heal or to wield great powers in defense of her kingdom-

Ooh. )

Now I just need a dynasty-long plot to fill in the slumber-years.

In other news, still doing major repairs on back apartment with Mom.  Roaches are long dead, but now we're just having to do all the cleanup work, and the painting turned into a biiiig project when I put scraper to crack and immediately went down to the cardboard, which then proceeded to peel (in uneven sheets and layers) off the entire wall.  All that and we still have to raise the water-heater about eighteen inches.

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I've completed the skirt for my orc-girl bellydance costume, laid out more money than I probably should have on various bits of frippery for the rest of the costume, worked on fun-foam belt buckles, jewelery, armor, cornered where I can get the shoes and the facepaint I want for my costume.  Fortunately payday's soon, and I'm actually being assigned more hours at work (and being told I'm doing a good job!), so hopefully there'll be enough for student loans *and* costume bits between now and Halloween.

Which brings me to another weird quirk of mine.  Wanting to design costumes that I'll probably never wear, but reeeeeally want to see someone do something with.  For example- I am a rank amatuer bellydancer.  I took one year of classes, once a week, a couple years ago at this point.  I love it, but I'm rather a newbie and I can't afford the hobby right now.

I still ache to make costumes for it.  Particularly weird, fandom-inspired ones, too.  Like the idea to do one based off of Alucard from Hellsing- a tall, long-coated, male vampire with big guns and crazy grins.  And occasionally waaaay too many red eyes staring out from unlikely places.  I totally want to do a black-and-red costume for someone based off of that, with the eyes possibly being able to be seen when the skirt's flaring out a lot.  I have no idea what kind of routine that woud entail, but the thought entertains me.  Vampire Hunter D is another, although I'm not really sure what elements of his I'd incorporate, besides the sword for hip-balancing and the medallions he's got on his costume.

Right now, the thing biting me is to play with bellydance-type costumes from each of the Four Nations of Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Only thing is, I can only really think of it working for Water and Fire- Air seems too... I dunno, monastic and Earth too stolid, but I'm sure there's stuff that could be done with them without overturning their original flavor.

-Edit-  Oh, hell, I wanna do a Predator-themed one too.  Just for the sheer hell of it.  There'd probably be a striped sheer veil involved, to simulate the cloaking device.

I seem to have this odd love of mixing the traditionally masculine/warrior-like with this stuff.


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