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Sleeping Beauty as an active participant, not a passive object-

Some sort of trance-magic or astral travel?  Perhaps it’s something she’s doing to let her body heal or to wield great powers in defense of her kingdom-

Ooh. )

Now I just need a dynasty-long plot to fill in the slumber-years.

In other news, still doing major repairs on back apartment with Mom.  Roaches are long dead, but now we're just having to do all the cleanup work, and the painting turned into a biiiig project when I put scraper to crack and immediately went down to the cardboard, which then proceeded to peel (in uneven sheets and layers) off the entire wall.  All that and we still have to raise the water-heater about eighteen inches.

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I wonder where Urban Fantasy heroines would get their plots if they didn't have Harem Drama to worry about?  I dunno, sometimes I just want a gal who's got an established boyfriend, who doesn't get shanked in the first pages for purposes of introducing her to the Spooky Underworld.

And he would be a supportive and loving werewolf, 'cause I'm sick of vampires.  And psycho alphas.

As a place-holder in this mental what-if, I tend to put in Timmy, my rocker/werewolf superhero from my Champions game, and the scene that comes to mind is the two of them snuggling, some time around noon.  Cue werewolf-boyfriend waking up in a panic, recalling that there's a gig in short order and he needs to get his ass on the move.  Panicked searching for related stuff and "Where did it go?!" finally results in Heroine amusedly pointing out-

"Gig-bag's in the corner- costume, picks, notes, deodorant, and I threw in some jerky sticks.  Since you're my favorite bottomless pit and all."  He pauses, checks the bag, and grins sheepishly up at her.  A quick dressing montage later, and he cradles her face in his hands for a nuzzle before heading out the door.

"You are my thinking-brain girl, and I love you to bits.  What would I do without you?"

"Run wild, howl at the moon and drink really bad beer?" she grins.

"Terrible thought," he replies with an artistic shudder, and kisses her goodbye.

...yeah, that's kind of the stuff I want going on in the background to whatever the actual plot is.  I'd need to make sure to develop the heroine into someone that interests me, too, or else it's just the Timmy show with long boring bits of magic-wielding Lara Croft.  And a plot as well- stuff's gotta actually happen to excuse the mundane bits in between adventures.

Urban fantasy that I have enjoyed- Dresden Files, once I read War for the Oaks I was completely enthralled.  Even in her very earliest appearance (although I admit I read the comic, not the book) I don't like Anita Blake- Merry Gentry I read with purely the expectation of interesting fairy-porn, and that's what I got- but the thing that really bugs me is that A) I read much better in-continuity, in-character porn hanging around the fanfic community, and B) there was an actual interesting plot in the background that got completely covered in smut.  And it seemed like the whole series could have been summed up in one novel if there'd been a concentration on it, instead of it being a serial of porn installments.  I just keep thinking it's a damn shame because there was potential there.

Just some thinky-thoughts.
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What's one way to see the Weirdlet splurt Pepsi out her nose?  Watch her find a fav from Vathara in her inbox.

In other news- notes to self.  For steampunking the orc-chick costume for ACen, need appropriate bustle for under the skirt.  Appropriate belt for atop the skirt, not sure the old bones-and-rusty-bells-studded-biker-thing works for a fantasy-frontier saloon girl.  Need to stretch the uppers on my pretty new boots so I can actually get *into* them (I love my calves.  Why doesn't the boot industry love me?  Mossimo, you tease!)

Green tights under gartered fishnets- need appropriate fake handcanon for one thigh, bowie knife for the other.  Also, fancy garters.

Take in bodice at sides.  Close, just need to pinch in one bone-casing's worth on each side under the armpit.

Appropriate armcovers (WITH elastic!)

Steampunky/orcy fascinators for hair, decals for skirt, etc.  Need to figure out some good colors to mix into this, because otherwise it's straight green and dusty black, and while that *fits* it's *dull*.  Maybe some dark, stained red, but then there's kind of, eh, christmas tree look with the green skin.
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Always with the characters... I keep stumbling on little bits of stuff that one day I'll put into stories, but meanwhile just kind of sits there in my head, awesome, shiny- and alone, with no plot. My orcs, in particular, keep ending up with kickass heroines that I haven't got the faintest clue what adventures to send them on.

My latest tidbit? The descendent of an orcish pirate queen heavily modeled on Ching Shih, who kicked ass up and down China's coasts, was finally given amnesty after she defeated every fleet sent against her, and retired to be a casino and brothel-owner. Several generations later, the descendants of this (my version, not the historical woman) successful raider are still in business as a major merchant enterprise, considered to be local nobility of a sort, and the girls in line for succession are all tattooed with the same reputed whipmarks across the face that their ancestress had, starting out on a slaver's ship as she did.


Nov. 17th, 2009 02:40 am
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...note to self- newest form of crack/crack pairing/fuckidon'tneedanewextremelyrareaddiction- Maleficent/Ozai. Will definitely keep that in mind for future reference. Meanwhile, need to find references/figure out how to blend the two worlds 'cos I need *more* and it requires versimilitude.

Can't help but think that Maleficent showing up with *blessings* in hand at Zuko and Azula's various infant-presentation ceremonies would be kinda fucked-up-nifty.
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Been wondering about yet-another! AU for the Avatarverse- wondering about what it was like when the dragons were around. I want to see what it would have been like had Ozai or Zuko bonded with a hatching dragon- not a complete Pern ripoff, although Avocado-love did a really good Pern!Avatar AU, but- I dunno, I get interesting or luxuriant images in my head and want to try out whatever universe supports them. And I want to see arrogant, cold Ozai brought to his knees by a demanding hatchling that will be his companion, however cold and reptilian they grow up to be, or adorable younger Zuko, awkward and nervous, bonding with his new friend.
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Something for that Urzai week prompt I put up and didn't have time to do anything with- "And I know you've got the ashes to prove it."

Something about the ancient, barbaric tradition of ash or charcoal tattoos, probably going back to either the parent culture of both or the Sun Warriors themselves.  Something to do with Ursa having walked the world, having the ashes of war on her face and hands.  Something about Ozai's dreaming.

Possibly also something about Ursa having a tattoo, although that's kind of a sidetrip.

Something about Azulon in ashes, and Ozai wondering what Ursa would have done with them.

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More fandom-thinking notes to self, on rewatching The Headband.  The Roman emperors kept their peoples' popular support with bread and games.  How does the first peaceable Firelord in four generations do it?

Distinctly non-secret dance parties.  Let's see what happens when the Fire Nation's tradition of dance is reintroduced.
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Hellfire (Hunchback of Notre Dame).  Azula/Katara, since there's not enough Ozai footage for it, I don't think.  I dunno, I started thinking about wanting to do some sort of Ursa/Ozai vid and tried to think of appropriate songs, despaired at the small amount of footage of either of them, then started thinking of Ozai being all obsessive and watched a youtube vid of the song proper, and that his thing for Ursa wasn't *that* filthy-obsessive, and then- 'Ohhh, but what if it was *Katara* who played the gypsy girl, that's all *kinds* of suitable wrongness!'

I *just* deleted the bastards from my harddrive!  I don't need this!

...I'll figure something out.
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Again.  Oy... 

Has this ever happened to anyone else?  You think of something from some long-ago bit of media you were never all that into but still liked, and then fall absolutely head over heels in fascination with some terribly minor character who never got much development, but what's there piques your brain?

I was thinking of Aladdin today, and the Mukhtar came to mind... )

Just- I know I can't be the only person this sort of thing happens to, with the sudden obssession over the truly obscure bits of fandom.  It's entirely uncharted territory, to my knowledge- no one else has put up a fanon on this anywhere I could see it- possibly I'm the only one who cares.

So here are the bits that have been in my head today...(be warned, it gets weird toward the end)- )

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Note to self- if another open fic-prompt call comes out or if (ha ha) you're feeling creative- aging rockstar!Ozai.  Because the last scene of BentPaperClip's "Rockstar" video showcases crazy-hot!abs perfectly.  As hot as corporate!Ozai is in his scarlet business suit and black-and-gold tie (need to draw), aging rockstar!Ozai gets to be elegant-elder-statesman *and* dress outrageously-but-still-managing-to-pull-it-off.

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Fixed up the Orc Priestess pic a bit- added/changed the shadow, added a bracelet to show movement in her raised hand, finally gave up on putting glowy runes or interesting cave art on the walls and just put in some sparks to fill the visual vacuum. 

Next up, note to self- do up some pics of my tiefling girls.  The one where the paladin comes to find a tiefling rogue's been chained in his chamber and put in his charge, their adventures together and strange courtship- and later pics of their daughter.


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