Sep. 21st, 2013

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Mister Bluewater, perhaps if you had a vastly under-valued and watered-down education, few prospects for anything like the stand-alone life that was set up as the bar for adult success for you, a fading and hole-filled family network to fall back on once it becomes clear that living independently will not be feasible for you or 90% of your peers, and the knowledge that all the diverse careers that would have been open to you are now outsourced or no longer careers but crowd-sourced 'volunteer'/unpaid intern positions, perhaps you would be just a little bit tetchy and unapologetic about it. I did exactly what I was told to do, and I, and all of my friends, people who I would gladly help support if I could, got sold upriver.

I swear, we are one or two environmental disasters away from another dust-bowl style exodus (yay bees). Perhaps you remember The Grapes of Wrath, Mister Bluewater. I was assigned to read it in early highschool, and I really hoped I would be able to forget it. Not for boredom's sake, but for the sheer existential *horror* of it- but that's rather difficult to forget when you're watching it happen all around you. When it gets to a point where people are roaming the country in homeless tribes once more, begging for any work they can get, will you regard them as so fallen they can never be peer-citizens again, just more undeserving moochers reaping the results of not being the right kind of prepared for the next shift in economic paradigm?

Don't insult my intelligence. Don't insult my integrity. And don't you dare think that this is over- for any of us.
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What if Eska and Desna's mom is some kind of spirit-woman?  Their dad is obsessed with spirits, their mom is absent in the show so far, and they themselves are adorable little creepazoids (with badass waterbending) who have serious problems interacting with other human beings.  Wouldn't that make so much sense?


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