May. 1st, 2013

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In Shaan's neck of the woods, men (regardless of sex) do the fighting and defending, but women own the animals.  There's crossover, of course- the tools women use for weaving, cooking, making the household liveable are theirs, just as men have their horses- but what's hard and handmade (coin and weapons and bridles) is the domain of the fighters, and what's live and living the domain of the peace-weavers.  There are stories of how if a man pisses off his lady, she'll send her sheep-herding dogs on his horses- or if he does worse to her, how vicious hounds of lightning will harry him to the end of his days, keeping him far from his home and kin if they do not catch and eat him outright.

A woman's dowry, and a bit of her standing, is based on how many animals she brings with her to a marriage.  That's part of why there's trouble when Aksinya gets hustled off to her new in-laws, having been cut off from the family magic in order to prevent her power from falling into the wrong hands and her from being forced into the role of dark messiah at the helm of a conquering army.  (The white witch who rides on tides of blood and feeds her enemies to Grandfather Kraken is- kind of a recurring thing in their history.)  She doesn't bring any of the traditional worthwhile things, and is thus a poor bride for their prince.


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