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Just read some interesting stuff, going from blog to blog starting at Shakesville, which I orginally came to sideways from avatar_fans- speculation about a male sidekick to Wonder Woman, a Wonder Boy. 

Lots of things were brought up )

What was the other subject I was thinking of... hm.  Oh yeah!  I got to talk to Gene-who-runs-my-Champions-game t'other day, at Terry's birthday celebration.  It's still up in the air whether or not the game restarts this Saturday or not, but he's promised that he has horrible stuff in store for my guy (I cannot help but think this may be in response to an email I sent him mentioning a dark secret that had occurred to me that tied up some threads of my character's background, but who knows, it could have been in place beforehand). 

I take this as a gleeful good sign^^  If your character is suffering beyond just being kicked around in combat once in a while, it means you're plot relevant

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So I've been thinking about superhero costumes lately.  Usually it's about the silliness of the stripperiffic outfits unlikely-endowed heroines are painted into, but this time, it's more about the guys.  What do they wear under their spandex suits?

Note that this is not a resurrection of the age-old boxers vs briefs question, but a question more along the lines of what are they using to hide and support their tackle while not having unsightly hem-lines visible under their skin-tight suits?  Is there some kind of underwear that can do this, or is it something built into the suits themselves?

*shrug*  Just one of those bits of the superhero genre, as imagined when injecting a little reality into it, that I like poking at.


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