Nov. 1st, 2009 09:36 pm
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So far one person has come through with sending me the pics they took last night- here we are^^

Edit- a couple more have turned up^^


Nov. 1st, 2009 01:46 am
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Well, that went well^^  I walked into the comic shop and someone declared "She wins."  Apparently bodypaint is hardcore or something- either way, I'm really happy with my costume and it got a lot of positive attention.  Plenty of my friends took photographs, so hopefully one or two of them will post them and I can nab a copy.

One of the people there told me definitely get pictures and start organizing a portfolio of things like this, costume-work and the whole gig.  I must say, I agree.  I get edgy when people start suggesting portfolios or when I think of it myself, because I just don't have that much that I produce- but I suppose it's best to start collecting evidence anyway.

I came home to a clear sky and pretty colors, stars and a full moon.  A nice way to welcome in the winter^^
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On a lighter note- I'm *really* making progress on my costume^^

I decided the greaves made it too hard to move, so that's not too much wasted- they were fun to make, just a pain to wear under a skirt.  I boiled and drilled holes in a bunch of chicken (and some pork rib) bones, and some of them are on my belt (along with a little Crayola-clay Venus-figure painted like stone) and some are on a necklace^^  I finished the little short bodice, which was a little too loose to be completely self-supporting but holds nicely with the addition of some cross-the-back shoulder straps.

I finally figured out the right way to fit my Dental Distortion Razorbacks, so now I've got some good yellow tusks to go with my green skin and grumpy brow^^  Now I just need to get my damn wig (wool yarn in pantyhose) to stay in place long enough to style it up before Saturday.

I think this'll work out nicely^^  I may improve it some for ACen or whatever Event-With-Costumes I can afford to attend next, but it should be worth the effort of turning up to my friend's party and parade on Saturday.


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