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-that Eska and Desna go back to the North and take the throne as co-chiefs.  People are somewhat weirded out, but it's the North, they're much more on tradition than they are personality contests.

Also Jinora becomes the next great spiritual leader when she grows up, not necessarily just of the Airbenders, but a noted figure in philosophy and in both peace-making and right action.  Because Jinora.

I'm a little iffy on this whole mixing of spirit-world and physical world (because weren't there spirits in the physical world already, even if they were rare and usually only showed up because things were out of whack?) but hey, it's a new era.  -omg, we are at the togas and crystal spires Ancient Past point of time.  The blending of technology and spirits- or maybe I'm just off my rocker, but it's a thought.

Also, part of Eska's deal with the whole commandeering Bolin and then getting completely ragey over him leaving is A) inexperience with relationships comparable to *me* as a teenager, which is saying something, B) princess!levels of "I want it, I take it, I have it, and also I'm supposed to have a fairytale wedding at about this age hey don't laugh at me Desna you ass at least I'm taking initiative- and dad certainly won't, he's too obsessed." and C) inexperience with strongly-felt emotions expressing themselves in an orderly fashion.  She and Desna are not emotion-*less*- but whether naturally or learned, they tend to have a deep well far down below the surface, and other people don't pick up on their signals because they're practically using different code-books- and unless you're interesting or loved enough, why should they explain it to you?

She has stuff to apologize for, but it's not unsalvageable.  Given time, and work.

Edit- Also, I am still waiting for Korra to actually sit down and watch Bolin's propaganda films and have a bit of a foam-fit over how ridiculous it is, the costuming, and possibly over the choice of casting.  Then again- it's the first movers, there's still a chance for it to be less evil than the real-world Hollywood machine.
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