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Sleeping Beauty as an active participant, not a passive object-

Some sort of trance-magic or astral travel?  Perhaps it’s something she’s doing to let her body heal or to wield great powers in defense of her kingdom-

Ooh. )

Now I just need a dynasty-long plot to fill in the slumber-years.

In other news, still doing major repairs on back apartment with Mom.  Roaches are long dead, but now we're just having to do all the cleanup work, and the painting turned into a biiiig project when I put scraper to crack and immediately went down to the cardboard, which then proceeded to peel (in uneven sheets and layers) off the entire wall.  All that and we still have to raise the water-heater about eighteen inches.

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Odd thought.  Story starts with some tournament or other for the princess's hand, only one of the big contenders is also a princess- in her lands, her title is Prince Prima.  Her younger twin brother's title is Prince Secundus, and he will make her stand with her wife when it comes time for children.  There is much headbutting and huffy princessness and tournamenty goodness, and of course the Prince Prima wins the tournament and there is much consternation.

Adventures proceed from here.
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Odd thought to use in a fantasy story sometime- a young godling is thrown from the heavens, and left to live as a demi-mortal in a body that is less than fully-functional.  Thor becomes Hephaestus, and learns to live with it. 

Taken in by the folk of a roughly Stone or Bronze-age village, he's nursed back to health and is loosely adopted by one of the local families.  Once he gets over the shellshock of, you know, hitting the earth from heaven's heights and the utter rejection of his elder gods, he starts inching out of his shell, making friends, and bargaining for his mobility.  He's young, strong, and in a world where folks can get turned into serpents and rocks, having broken legs is not completely soul-shattering.  Besides, there's Adventures to be had with his new mortal friends!

Being Hephaestus isn't that bad when you've got bros who look out for you.  And being able to trade the  secrets of metal (or the like) in exchange for some support gear, well, that just makes Adventuring easier.
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The AU: Princess Zura was pregnant when she was exiled- now she roams the world with a child in tow, seeking the Avatar as her chance at redemption- for herself and her daughter...

The Summary: Having made it past a crisis point in her exile, Zura faces the next one- childbirth. Trouble and visions abound as she seeks aid, stuck in a small swamp-town for the duration.

The Fic:

"After we floated past the Eastern temple, the General figured it was time to put in for shore..." )

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For Floranna. Sort of a series of dribs and drabs before the main event- I liked the large end-piece, but felt it needed some introduction, and the bits that I had were sort of a set.

This may touch on sensitive things- consider it rated for teen pregnancy and considered suicide.

The AU: Princess Zura was pregnant when she was exiled- now she roams the world with a child in tow, seeking the Avatar as her chance at redemption- for herself and her daughter...

The Prompt: The time after banishment but before giving birth, Zura panics.

The Fic: Exile

They check the Air-temples first- )

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For Floranna- Figured I ought to start posting these a bit separately from the main meme. I'm worried I made Jet a bit too sane in this one, or perhaps just with a slight double-standard. Unbeta'ed.

The AU: Princess Zura was pregnant when she was banished, and children out of wedlock is a big deal in the Fire Nation- now she seeks the Avatar across the world with a daughter in tow, with all the trials and tribulations that implies, and all the more reason to seek Aang as a prize.

The Prompt: How Jet treats Zura and Lan Min on the ferry or in Ba Sing Se

The Fic:

He catches sight of her at the railing, and she confuses the hell out of him. )
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Always with the characters... I keep stumbling on little bits of stuff that one day I'll put into stories, but meanwhile just kind of sits there in my head, awesome, shiny- and alone, with no plot. My orcs, in particular, keep ending up with kickass heroines that I haven't got the faintest clue what adventures to send them on.

My latest tidbit? The descendent of an orcish pirate queen heavily modeled on Ching Shih, who kicked ass up and down China's coasts, was finally given amnesty after she defeated every fleet sent against her, and retired to be a casino and brothel-owner. Several generations later, the descendants of this (my version, not the historical woman) successful raider are still in business as a major merchant enterprise, considered to be local nobility of a sort, and the girls in line for succession are all tattooed with the same reputed whipmarks across the face that their ancestress had, starting out on a slaver's ship as she did.


Nov. 14th, 2009 10:43 pm
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A boy and his dragon... a bit of mad, hasty ficcage that hopefully isn't too much in need of gutting and refurbishing. I may need a beta if this keeps up.

Title: Hatchings, or, A Boy And His Dragon
Show: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Genre: AU Weirdness, in which Ozai is assigned an impossible task.

When Farmer Ling found the dragon eggs, he knew it was beyond him... )

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Saw an interesting prompt on another person's meme, actually wrote something for once (gasp!).  Cut for mpreg and grouchy firebenders.

Edit- ack, forgot to include the prompt itself.  It goes as follows:  Ozai mpreg. Zuko is Ozai's son, but Ozai isn't his father. Zhao is. Fury.

When the Fire Nation’s second prince starts heaving over the rails... )

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Again.  Oy... 

Has this ever happened to anyone else?  You think of something from some long-ago bit of media you were never all that into but still liked, and then fall absolutely head over heels in fascination with some terribly minor character who never got much development, but what's there piques your brain?

I was thinking of Aladdin today, and the Mukhtar came to mind... )

Just- I know I can't be the only person this sort of thing happens to, with the sudden obssession over the truly obscure bits of fandom.  It's entirely uncharted territory, to my knowledge- no one else has put up a fanon on this anywhere I could see it- possibly I'm the only one who cares.

So here are the bits that have been in my head today...(be warned, it gets weird toward the end)- )

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I've been reading a bunch of great fic lately, and it stirs up my envy and my frustration, because every time I try to write the stuff to fit my particular kinks, it comes out flat and out of character (not to mention, I know what bits go where but I have no instinct for writing the hotness).  Which is a shame, because in some niches it's *really* hard to find stuff done well- if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.  And that doesn't begin to count the non-kink stuff that's just 'what if?  what if these two got together, what if this gender was flipped, what if this event had gone unwitnessed?  What about after, and then this happened?' sorta stuff.

Still- sometimes bits just hit me outta nowhere and say that they're just fine, thank you.

Jet wanted to see his lover in those fine, silk robes... )

This one, I gotta illustrate.


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