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So I was trying out my tablet with my new computer and new free art program.  I'm not sure where the problem is, but there was a lot of lag between pen and screen, and it was sucking, so I decided, crazy idea, to just go sketch with a pencil- and glory of glories, it stopped sucking.  Now if only my scanner had compatible drivers with Windows 7...  So you all get to see the phone-pics in all their horror instead.

Meant to be a 'different ages' meme.  Goes with the orcs I was babbling about in the last entry. ; Orc girl at 5. ; Orc girl at 13. Orc woman at 17. ; Orc woman at 25.

Annnnd the links are sucking.  The only working one is '17', so if you want just go to that one and then head to my scraps gallery on dev-art from there.
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Just back from ACen, had a good time this year, a little more sedate. Have (or am in the process of doing so) arranged to commission some nice Jet/Zuko art from a lady named Zimmay, I enjoyed a lovely panel on Avatar: the Last Airbender (Next year, I *will* dress as one of the characters! I have but to choose, and get a job to support this endeavor!), and saw some AMVs at long last. One of them was from Akira, and as much as I hate things where everyone goes kablooie in the end, I still kinda want to see that.

Meanwhile, I'm home, parents are good, surviving after our tenant managed to not pay the rent that would have been of great help. I'm listening to the Boleodoras act from Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco on youtube, and scribbling away on my D&D chara Velke.

Click for large-ish image... )

I need to figure out perspective...


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