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The thing about the WALL-E/HB II crossover idea is that I need to figure out what it is in that world that people would want to play.  Is it supposed to be leaders directing troop movements?  Is it characters as colonists on the ground making the initial discoveries and experiencing the initial rejections, characters as galactic citizens either exploring or being sent to find what went wrong?  Is it playing fey knights out to defend home and hearth against the humans who first overtook the world and then abandoned it, only to return once more just as things were starting to return to normal?

That's the kind of thing I need to think of before I can really develop the setting more.  D&D has adventuring parties.  Shadowrun has teams looking to steal corporate secrets.  Most settings have a default niche that the player characters tend to fall into, and I've yet to figure that out for here.  Space marines, colonists, magical fey tribes, elf-kings' armies?  Are they explorers or assassin teams?  What kind of missions or adventures are there to be had, aside from all-out war?
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Been thinking about D&D game ideas again- I'm in the middle of running a short campaign for my highschool friends home from college, but as ever there's a number of other ideas muddling into my headspace and wanting attention.

For now- The Big Strange Unholy Lovechild of WALL-E And HB II: The Golden Army.

I want to play with this world, which is basically- the humans have left, leaving their desolate world behind- only to come back and find that it has renewed itself and been reclaimed by the creatures and beings that were older than man when they first became a power.  Huge parts of the world are totally new and wild and primal again, while others are junky post-apocalyptic wastelands, and there are places where the two blend together. 

The factions- there's the human explorers/recolonists who are back to see if Earth is ready to be populated again, and then there's the wild fey and monsters that have taken over the earth again, the myths that had faded grown healthy again and run wild.  I'm not sure if there would be a Seelie/Unseelie divide.

The big conflict- well, clearly there's going to be a major conflict between humans and fey, but I'm not sure an absolute, all-out war is the best setting to plop a story in.  Nor is it really fun when it's totally clear that both sides will annihalate each other as soon as they figure out how.

I guess what I need to really figure out is what sort of stage things are at for this.  Is this after the recolonization efforts, when things have settled into a pattern of 'humans live here, fey live here, there is war for territory in these places and a pattern of trade/conquest/slaving going thus'?  Is it the initial, explosive 'first contact'?  Is it set on Earth, humans fighting to recolonize and fey fighting to keep their retaken home, or out in space, with adapted fey and mythical figures fight amongst the stars?

I guess I want a 'mythology meets scifi' feel- I want it to be epic and post apocalyptic and space-operatic and frontiersy all at once.  I'm just not sure how to execute it. 

I'm also unsure of the system- I'm wondering if this is something that should be one of the D20 Modern variants, at least for the human side of things, and I definitely want a more mythical feel for the elves and things than standard D&D does- when I say HB II for inspiration, I'm not kidding, even if I'm not copying straight out of their book.  I want high-LA, unique, mythical lords of Faerie walking the earth and playing kings to their people in the old, mead-hall fashion when a kingdom was a tribe of warriors and a country was a stretch of land from hill to hill until someone challenged your borders.  It's prehistoric times all over again, and the First People (as they would think of themselves) are spreading out from their places of origin again- right until they bump into the expanding human populations once more.

And then it's on.

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I'm working on bio's to get in on the ground floor of a new multi-fandom RP, and it occurs to me again, just how much I loathe trying to summarize.  I can usually get things out in a million words or two, but actually getting the relevant information into the format of, say, a few paragraphs when it just doesn't seem to be anything less than an essay in my own words (I have to show my work!  I can't shake the feeling that I'll be refused if I don't show my work!  Damn you, middle-school math!)- a Herculean task.

Zuko, you darling bastard, and your sister beside you- stop being so bloody complicated.  Every time I think I've distilled the entirety of your histories into something, I realize there are yet more aspects that need filling in.


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