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Oh, the sly Bolin....

Oh, *Bolin*.

I would almost want this to work out.  I like quirky, bizarre and non-mainstream romances.  Except that in the interim Eska was nuts and Bolin was a jerk and regardless of actual abusive relationship status, neither of them are really ready for Relationship at this point, I don't think.  It's- there's so much bad characterization, I keep having to focus on what points I'm keeping in my headcannon because the rest is a wild ride of nonsense, like fifty years of comics continuity in one series.

....oh god, was that just tentacle face-fucking?  She's your *niece* for crying out loud!

Spirit butterflies!

...what just happened?  Did he just cut Raava in half?  Did he just - I don;t think he could have destroyed all those other spirits, but- shouldn't Raava be stronger for having been so many others, or is it just a connection? know, I really wanted Korra to learn about being herself separate from the Avatar, but I didn't want her de-powered to do it.

You know, *again*.

Iiit's a fucking kaiju.

Oh Korra, sweetie...

I'm not getting it.  Where's the eternal darkness?  What is Vaatu's game here?  Is he really, literally, just going to fucking rampage in a giant physical spirit-body and destroy human civilization?  Or is there something else he's going to try to do that's actually big and world-ending, and this is just Unalaq getting his Saturday cartoon super-villain kicks on?

Why is he bothering with this?  These planes can't threaten him.  What the hell is going on?

...Oh, Varrick.

And in the tree- this is the moment I have wanted Korra to start having.  Oh, baby girl...  (and it's also why I wonder why Raava and Vaatu were necessary in the first place).

and now I'm holding my breath.  It's like- this must be it.  This must be the true potential of *any* human spirit that truly, fully opens its chakras and holds itself open to the universe.  Having the powers just helps show you the way, the methods and stretches the 'muscles' for it.

It's a spiritual kaiju fight.

...I still don't understand this spiritual-bending thing that Unalaq does.  Is it supposed to be calming/changing emotional states in a spirit?  Binding it to your will, or just taking control of its energy like spiritual blood-bending?

Hell of a last stand for the friends of Korra-

*blink*  And that just happened?  Oh, wow, Bolin.  And Eska.  Oh my.

Oh, *Jinora*.  Be careful, sweetie, indeed!

What just- okay, recreated Raava, and pleeeeease don't have sacrificed Jinora to do it, please- re-lights the spark of light in the heart of darkness, and Korra knocks him back like an avenging goddess over an altar and rips it right out of him- she gets her Avatar-ish mojo back (maybe? she's still a giant spirit) and then spirit-soothes/spiral dances Una-Vaatu into- motes of light?  Forcibly pulled him into alignment so he could no longer maintain his vicious integrity?

Oh, Jinny, *you* saved it.  But Korra definitely helped.

Oh, Korra baby.

-oh?  You may be very good at compartmentalizing your feelings, Eska&Desna, but you have a mother?  Where?

AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH oh Eska.  I knew it.  I knew they were both riding the tide of adrenaline.

Oh, turtleduck.  Oh, Bum-Ju.

She's thinking.  She's really come to the crux of what being the Avatar is about and she's giving it real *thought* oh I've waited for this for two seasons.

A real, and clear, mature relationship decision.  Be still, my heart!  And stop leaking, face.



Nov. 17th, 2013 04:50 pm
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.....things were awesome for a moment- and then Ginger.  And things were awesome, and then- reunion kiss.  And Varric is neither chastised nor in any way stripped of his power and privilege.  He's still somehow in a position to negotiate.

Still don't understand why Unalaq's doing what he's doing.

...I'm having flashbacks to The Secret Garden and Colin in that tub with the ice.  Oh, *Jinora*...  Sick and dying children are some hair-trigger points of mine, Tenzin and Pema and oh god.

At least the brothers are communicating again.  Now if only Mako could get his head out of his ass... at least we can see that it's because he's awkward and really bad at relationships this time.  Although the moment of physical intimidation, however unintended, is kinda... eurgh, it was bad enough when the Eska/Bolin thing went so horribly awry.  Boys shouldn't have to be afraid of their girls, girls shouldn't have to be afraid of their boys, and nobody should be so afraid of getting hurt that they can't *leave* when they need to.  That's not funny.  At least, not funny if it's played for serious and not just one person's exaggerating to cover their own insecurities, very briefly.

Ah-ha!  At long last, we get to see Bumi, strategic mad genius and retired United Forces commander!  -annnnd no.

Something that occurs to me from earlier- where are the girl Southern resistance warriors?

Katara!  I'm still wondering where the hell she's been for the rest of this nonsense, but Best Healer is Best, let's see what she can do for Jinora.

Oh Naga...

Ah-hah, here we go, something about why Unalaq is doing this!

*Eska&Desna's sideglance*

Asami Sato, Ace pilot and gadgeteer!

Oh shit, it's the Chitauri's giant flying slaughterfish!

(I think what I would have done is have the big flying distraction going on above, whilst I tunneled through the ice below.)

*Why* is Bumi so blazingly less competent than brave?  I know, I know, emphasizing how special bending is and how lucky he is to have made it this far- fuck you.  Fuuuuck you, 75-90% of the world is non-benders and Piandao was awesome and Bumi was a freaking *commander*, why are all his accomplishments offscreen suddenly no more than Uncle's wild stories, with no action backing them up?

Okay, this is what it's all about.  Merge the spirit and the material world, yadda yadda... still think Unalaq is either not telling us something about *why*, or is completely delusional/riding high on Vaatu-juice.

Okay- the world is out of balance with Light presiding, but that means that true balance is- probably really inimical to human life.  Also, I'm not getting what balance they're going for- balance of ruling power?  Balance of physical forces?  Balance of positive and negative spiritual energy?  It's one thing to prate about balance, it's quite another to actually find it.  I think what most people think of as 'balance' is more 'equilibrium', equilibrium being a self-sustaining point that favors and supports whatever they feel is right, such as human life.

He *calls* himself a Dark Avatar.  ....  Seriously.

I just- this just does not fit with the whole mythology and narrative established in A:tLA.  There was no *evil*, just aggression and lack of empathy.  I just.  argh.

...why do I want there to be fisticuffs leading to freindship between this dark spirit and Bumi?

...but even if he's right, Desna, hundreds of thousands of people may die in order for his 'new world order' to become.  And therein lies the problem- what's this new world order worth if it destroys everything rather than changes things for the better?  Or is it supposed to be a world full of only spirits, with humans fighting for their lives in tiny enclaves, as in the time before the Avatar, when Lion Turtles gave them their only shelter?

At last, we see the Southern troops' reaction to being constantly cheek-by-jowl with these spirity types!  I think they're mostly going with this because Unalaq is chief, pays their wages and possibly he sold them on some kind of becoming-a-stronger-tribe-with-us-in-control thing.

...and this is how Bumi always manages to save the day.  By sheer, dumb hilarity.  While I am still pissed off about his general competence levels and the way he's being treated as a non-bender by the story itself, not just his family- I gotta say, that was pretty fun, even if I'd have preferred some of it having been part of his crazy plan rather than just flailing about until something awesome happened by happenstance.

...and there is no exit strategy.  The only way out- is through.

Is anyone else getting an eye-of-Sauron feel from the Tree of Time?

...Waitasec- ah, right, they all just came through the spirit portal, so of course now they can bend in the spirit world.  That makes no sense and I don't know why that's in there aside from justifying not having to come up with some other way for folks to do battle in the spirit world.

...annnnd the world just got spiritually super-charged.  sort of there and not-there at once with the whole merging of spirit- and material-worlds?

This is something that has bothered me since the episode with Avatar Wan.  So these are the great spirits of the universe, the apparent forces for 'good' and 'evil', whose fighting has kept the world spinning for time immemorial, from the very beginning (so far as we can tell).  Is that why they look like proto-intestinal parasites?  No, trilobites might be the better word for it.  But they look like tapeworms.  They're so ancient they go back to the time of the beginnings of life itself, not just life as we know it.  But it still looks utterly alien and kinda freaky, which is why I wonder why they are human-relatable *at all*.

-And that's the end of the episode(s).  I've seen .gifs of much more stuff than this, so there must have been a two-hour finale instead of a one-hour, so I'm off to grab the last two episodes.  Man, Nickelodean is giving this such a weird schedule, with breaks and mashups- I think they're trying to get rid of this, or at least mush as many episodes together as they can in one chunk so they can have it over with and get the room back in their schedule.  I hope we can get the next season off the ground with this attitude.
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Legend of Korra, Season 2, Episode 10-

This moment was awesome!  And that moment was awesome!  Now if only the stuff between and leading up to it made ANY SENSE AT ALL.

I want their writing staff fired.  There are these occasional, profoundly beautiful moments, that are just *wasted*.  And I'm sick to death of Korra being helpless despite being the most badass chick since Toph, Mai, Katara, and Ty Lee.  I'm *sick* of it.  That one sequence would have been so cute and had so much meaning, but nothing she does is ever competent and she never gets out of problems on her own recognizance and soseeing her as a little baby girl lashing out and flailing until she's set straight by Irohis just icing on the damn cake.  There's flawed and then there's rolling the idiot ball, Sisyiphean style, before you.  I don't mind watching her fight and fail and learn again- but I really want that last part in there.  She doesn't learn, change or grow.  None of her choices matter.

And this nonsense with Vaatu and Unulaq has got to stop.  Where is his motivation, what is he going for, and Wan Shi Tong really is the epitome of the intellectual idiot.  What the fuck.  I am so done.  And why would you waste Professor Zei?  Spirits should be a bit alien and frightening, but this just makes them seem so- small.

I mean *really*.

There are definitely going to be overhaul AUs.  I can't let this stand.
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Mister Bluewater, perhaps if you had a vastly under-valued and watered-down education, few prospects for anything like the stand-alone life that was set up as the bar for adult success for you, a fading and hole-filled family network to fall back on once it becomes clear that living independently will not be feasible for you or 90% of your peers, and the knowledge that all the diverse careers that would have been open to you are now outsourced or no longer careers but crowd-sourced 'volunteer'/unpaid intern positions, perhaps you would be just a little bit tetchy and unapologetic about it. I did exactly what I was told to do, and I, and all of my friends, people who I would gladly help support if I could, got sold upriver.

I swear, we are one or two environmental disasters away from another dust-bowl style exodus (yay bees). Perhaps you remember The Grapes of Wrath, Mister Bluewater. I was assigned to read it in early highschool, and I really hoped I would be able to forget it. Not for boredom's sake, but for the sheer existential *horror* of it- but that's rather difficult to forget when you're watching it happen all around you. When it gets to a point where people are roaming the country in homeless tribes once more, begging for any work they can get, will you regard them as so fallen they can never be peer-citizens again, just more undeserving moochers reaping the results of not being the right kind of prepared for the next shift in economic paradigm?

Don't insult my intelligence. Don't insult my integrity. And don't you dare think that this is over- for any of us.
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Lord above and gods below, I do get to a point where I hate tenants.

Let me clarify.  My mother owns the building, I am household minion, and we have an inspection tomorrow.  We're also living hand to mouth and the mortgage sucks up the rest, not an uncommon story these days- so we do our best to address complaints as they come and deal with things in appropriate order of priority.

Cut for squick and bitching... )

...I'm gonna go get me one of those chocolate lava-cakes I found in the frozen section today.  I deserve it after the work I put in today.


Aug. 20th, 2009 01:56 pm
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I keep getting ambushed by new student loans coming due.  This is really irritating, especially as I need to take steps to defer or forbear each time.  I must also pay the actual balance I owe my school from the past semester when I found out I'd been told I'd paid up, then told I hadn't because I had put in the paperwork for a student loan, which I had run up against the limit for.  (Credit card, too, which was mostly (or at least half) run up taking care of bills for the family that I haven't seen a return on.)

Yes, I understand that I must pay back the money... )


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