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Often, the mixes I make for my roleplaying characters form organically as I play them- forcing the process tends to end badly.  But for some of them, I hear a little bit and I want to hear more- even if I don't know what those songs will be yet.

Let me tell you about my character... )

The only song I've got going right now is Snake Handlin' Man, off Seven is the Number by Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer.
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Rereading SunChild to try and get some inspiration to fill in the next chapter and get the ball rolling again, and in the midst of that, am kind of poking at a soundtrack for it.  I've got several songs in place, but wanted to ask if anyone else has anything that Sun Child makes them think of/represents something to them/they put on repeat while reading.

Songs I've got so far, in a mildly disorganized fashion-

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Kind of a preponderance of Jetzura songs here, but that's the part that kept getting song-bits flitting through my head.
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A brief and quirky urge to DJ my journal hit me.  My current list.

Song Meme

Jul. 6th, 2009 07:15 am
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Found an interesting meme- basically to pick 1 (one) artist, and fill in the list with song titles.  Preferably in a clever manner.

Me being me, I couldn't stick to just one and do it well, so I did several, and to hell with getting it perfect!

AC/DC... )

Billy Joel... )

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer... )

Meat Loaf )


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