May. 4th, 2012 02:43 pm
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Flailing all over The Avengers now.  Need more.  Also, still reeeeally want Banned From Asgard now.
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Huh.  I both laughed and cried, both in good ways.  There was no jingoistic crap, just- everything had a logical progression, from the costume to the flag-waving to the actual missions.  I felt both proud and loving of this fictionalized version of my country, which is no mean feat for me.

It was good.  In addition to that, it was also awesome to watch, and continuing a fine tradition of cohesive, tasty Marvel films that weave together and just keep reinforcing the awesome.

Also, Avengers trailer.  I squee'd so hard.  Long-haired gods, more Steve goodness, and Tony in the middle of it being Tony.  What's not to love?

...and lord knows I'm no fan of National Socialism, but Hugo Weaving in a broad-shouldered uniform is sending me to Special Hell, especially as I'm watching him get his ass kicked.
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Just saw the movie Predators, and it's not bad.  Unlike the last two hackjobs, this was pretty good- did a lot of sideflings to the original movies without being painful, nonsensical copypastes, had great effects.  My main complaints are that it does a fairly good job on the human end of things, but A) the planet is too earthlike, B) they need to crank the octane up just a touch higher- the jungle's not claustrophic and dark enough in the beginning, and C) they needed more Pred moments.  Those were some of the coolest bits in the first two movies, I always thought- where you're following the human action, and then suddenly you're seeing the monster going about its preparations and repairwork.  

Spoilers! Opinions on Improvements! Be Ye Warned! )

I never thought I would be able to take Adrien Brodie seriously as a badass, callous action hero.  I mean, I just saw him in Splice, which was advertised as Species: the Remake but turned out to be Frankenstein meets Flowers in the Attic.  But he's pretty good in this.


Jul. 1st, 2010 03:04 am
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So, for reasons that involve friends I never get to hang out with and the fact that I'd already missed someone's birthday last week, I just saw The Last Airbender.

...I have no words.  I just- I.

Arghle.  I need some Jetko to wash the taste of crap out of my mouth.  Give me badass Katara- give me Sokka with wit and charm.  Give me Zuko who isn't being forced to BRIAN BLESSED it up- give me Azula who doesn't act like she should be on meds.  (Jeez, the whole point is that she doesn't telegraph stereotypical crazy!  But there she is in the end, twitching and grinning instead of that steady smirk.)

It is a grotesque parody of all that I love and loved about Avatar: the Last Airbender.  They kept similar scenes while completely changing the plot elements that led up to them.  It felt like massive amounts of, not excess, but vital bits of scenes that would have smoothed the story were filleted out.  The dialogue, good fuck the wording.

Commander Zhao made me think of Grima Wormtongue much too often in his final scenes.

On the plus side, we and the crowd had fun booing and heckling and correcting pronunciation in chorus.  I had slapped on some Kyoshi Warrior paint last minute on a whim; there were a couple of Aangs, and one huge guy dressed as Toph- I don't know if it was Ember Island-esque irony, or he just was that cool with the character, but either way it was neat.  United in our love of the series and our dismay at having wasted thirteen bucks apiece on some pretty effects and a crap film, we filtered out with a mass buzz of complaint and a general tossing of popcorn.  (Well not really, but if the front row had been empty I totally would have.)
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It's 4:15 in the morning.  I may have a job, but that's beside the point.  The point is, summing up my reaction, in all both positive and negative aspects, to Ralph Bakshi's bizzare mix of rotoscope, toony-beyond-belief toons, silly dialogue and cute villain-girls.  Oh, and random swastikas.

What the shit?!

That is all.  Thank you.

-(*Note to self- find out who the villain's girlfriend is, character-wise.  I kind of like/am sad for her, in the thirty seconds I've seen her.)


Jul. 25th, 2009 02:45 am
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-arghle- Predator remake.  Predator 3.  Don't know whether to scream in delight or foam in hatred...

just make the avp poison go away, mommy?  Please?

Cut for foam... )


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