Oct. 21st, 2009 02:01 pm
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So I've got a gig where I do pro-bono concept art for a start-up videogame company.  If the project gets a backer, I get paid, but meanwhile, I get to practice keeping deadlines, working to descriptions, and building a portfolio.  So- I find this is good for my sanity, if not my wallet, but my wallet was going to be feeling poorly in any case.  This way, I get to have fun^^  It's like a weekly challenge with incentive to participate.

And they say they *like* what I'm doing, so far^^  I am a happy little bee.

Also- wig-making is oddly soothing.  I'm working hard on my costume and I may-just-may have it ready for Halloween.  Note to self- start wearing the damn contacts again to get used to them, otherwise you're going to be a young orc priestess stumbling around blind....  Oh, and the bodice, otherwise you're going around topless in Chicago fall weather and that's just not fun.

And now, Weirdlet Dream Theater presents- last night's oddly fitting weirdness.  I was dancing in a club or some kind of concert, and I got invited over to another party, an orc-themed one- I kept asking hey, can I get my gear? I need my costume, I haven't got it on-! but they said, nah, it was fine, just come on in and play!  I was surrounded by moshing (I think that's the right word?  Anyway, dancing and stomping) orcs that I knew were girls and guys like me under it, but we still got to put on our orc-faces for the night.  It was a hell of a lot of fun.

And then it seemed like we were next door to a baseball game beyond the screen that was one wall (screen/net/thing to climb and cling to), and at some point I was playing keep-away with Gollum.

Yeah.  Weird, but that's how my dreams go.  It was still fun, even after the main premise went away.


Jul. 3rd, 2009 01:33 pm
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.....why do I always have dreams where I meet celebrities and it always turns out they pick up on my major insecurities?  I sincerely doubt that after a private concert Billy Joel is going to give me an autograph with art criticism on my use of dot shading.


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