Nov. 1st, 2009 09:36 pm
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So far one person has come through with sending me the pics they took last night- here we are^^

Edit- a couple more have turned up^^


Nov. 1st, 2009 01:46 am
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Well, that went well^^  I walked into the comic shop and someone declared "She wins."  Apparently bodypaint is hardcore or something- either way, I'm really happy with my costume and it got a lot of positive attention.  Plenty of my friends took photographs, so hopefully one or two of them will post them and I can nab a copy.

One of the people there told me definitely get pictures and start organizing a portfolio of things like this, costume-work and the whole gig.  I must say, I agree.  I get edgy when people start suggesting portfolios or when I think of it myself, because I just don't have that much that I produce- but I suppose it's best to start collecting evidence anyway.

I came home to a clear sky and pretty colors, stars and a full moon.  A nice way to welcome in the winter^^
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On a lighter note- I'm *really* making progress on my costume^^

I decided the greaves made it too hard to move, so that's not too much wasted- they were fun to make, just a pain to wear under a skirt.  I boiled and drilled holes in a bunch of chicken (and some pork rib) bones, and some of them are on my belt (along with a little Crayola-clay Venus-figure painted like stone) and some are on a necklace^^  I finished the little short bodice, which was a little too loose to be completely self-supporting but holds nicely with the addition of some cross-the-back shoulder straps.

I finally figured out the right way to fit my Dental Distortion Razorbacks, so now I've got some good yellow tusks to go with my green skin and grumpy brow^^  Now I just need to get my damn wig (wool yarn in pantyhose) to stay in place long enough to style it up before Saturday.

I think this'll work out nicely^^  I may improve it some for ACen or whatever Event-With-Costumes I can afford to attend next, but it should be worth the effort of turning up to my friend's party and parade on Saturday.


Oct. 21st, 2009 02:01 pm
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So I've got a gig where I do pro-bono concept art for a start-up videogame company.  If the project gets a backer, I get paid, but meanwhile, I get to practice keeping deadlines, working to descriptions, and building a portfolio.  So- I find this is good for my sanity, if not my wallet, but my wallet was going to be feeling poorly in any case.  This way, I get to have fun^^  It's like a weekly challenge with incentive to participate.

And they say they *like* what I'm doing, so far^^  I am a happy little bee.

Also- wig-making is oddly soothing.  I'm working hard on my costume and I may-just-may have it ready for Halloween.  Note to self- start wearing the damn contacts again to get used to them, otherwise you're going to be a young orc priestess stumbling around blind....  Oh, and the bodice, otherwise you're going around topless in Chicago fall weather and that's just not fun.

And now, Weirdlet Dream Theater presents- last night's oddly fitting weirdness.  I was dancing in a club or some kind of concert, and I got invited over to another party, an orc-themed one- I kept asking hey, can I get my gear? I need my costume, I haven't got it on-! but they said, nah, it was fine, just come on in and play!  I was surrounded by moshing (I think that's the right word?  Anyway, dancing and stomping) orcs that I knew were girls and guys like me under it, but we still got to put on our orc-faces for the night.  It was a hell of a lot of fun.

And then it seemed like we were next door to a baseball game beyond the screen that was one wall (screen/net/thing to climb and cling to), and at some point I was playing keep-away with Gollum.

Yeah.  Weird, but that's how my dreams go.  It was still fun, even after the main premise went away.
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I've completed the skirt for my orc-girl bellydance costume, laid out more money than I probably should have on various bits of frippery for the rest of the costume, worked on fun-foam belt buckles, jewelery, armor, cornered where I can get the shoes and the facepaint I want for my costume.  Fortunately payday's soon, and I'm actually being assigned more hours at work (and being told I'm doing a good job!), so hopefully there'll be enough for student loans *and* costume bits between now and Halloween.

Which brings me to another weird quirk of mine.  Wanting to design costumes that I'll probably never wear, but reeeeeally want to see someone do something with.  For example- I am a rank amatuer bellydancer.  I took one year of classes, once a week, a couple years ago at this point.  I love it, but I'm rather a newbie and I can't afford the hobby right now.

I still ache to make costumes for it.  Particularly weird, fandom-inspired ones, too.  Like the idea to do one based off of Alucard from Hellsing- a tall, long-coated, male vampire with big guns and crazy grins.  And occasionally waaaay too many red eyes staring out from unlikely places.  I totally want to do a black-and-red costume for someone based off of that, with the eyes possibly being able to be seen when the skirt's flaring out a lot.  I have no idea what kind of routine that woud entail, but the thought entertains me.  Vampire Hunter D is another, although I'm not really sure what elements of his I'd incorporate, besides the sword for hip-balancing and the medallions he's got on his costume.

Right now, the thing biting me is to play with bellydance-type costumes from each of the Four Nations of Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Only thing is, I can only really think of it working for Water and Fire- Air seems too... I dunno, monastic and Earth too stolid, but I'm sure there's stuff that could be done with them without overturning their original flavor.

-Edit-  Oh, hell, I wanna do a Predator-themed one too.  Just for the sheer hell of it.  There'd probably be a striped sheer veil involved, to simulate the cloaking device.

I seem to have this odd love of mixing the traditionally masculine/warrior-like with this stuff.
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Posting this as a combination note-to-self and this-is-interesting-maybe-someone's-done-something-similar-if-ever-they-drop-by. 

Basically, last night while I was trying to get to sleep in order to make my before-noon start-of-shift, I of course had the biggest flash of detailed inspiration about this costume I've wanted to do forever that had to get written down right now and I tried to get back to sleep and sure I'd remember it in the morning and I got up and turned on the computer and filled a word-document anyway.  At 3 AM.  I'm not a vampire- I just shun the evil daystar and am most active at night.  Maybe I'm a bat...

Anyway.  I've wanted to do an orc-girl costume forever, I love costuming in general even if I've only completed one or two (I have this- unholy Thing for well-constructed garments) and I love dreaming of elaborate, utterly-transformative things that still make use of/let the original person wearing them shine through.  And it suddenly came to me, how to get some of the effects I wanted, starting with the head and just moving down.  I'll post the list I wrote last night and let it speak for itself.

Read more... )


The neat thing is that Ebay has a lot of the more vital bits that'll make this up, and for not-to-be-sneezed-at deals.  And as I have a job now, insubstantial as newbie-hours are, I can- bit by tiny bit- get my pieces together.


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