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Last thing today, I promise- Atom Heart Mother, the evil counterpart of Apple Macintosh in the Champions game.

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Gene had mentioned surprise that I hadn't done up pics of the Champions characters' opposite numbers from our dimension-hop to Opposite World, where our heroes are the villainous, despotic rulers of the city-state of Chicago.  Here's the first up of the lot- my boy Devildog, werewolf superhero, as Devildog, wild hunter and eater of cowed citizenry.

Big version here-

Next up- Apple Macintosh, as Atom-Heart Mother.

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Just putting this where I'm sure I'll remember it-

My Champions game, where the system is point-buy everything and you can get more points to spend on powers by taking disadvantages.  Every character in this game has a custom 25 point disadvantage, GM's discretion.  Some have made more progress figuring theirs out than others, and I, for one, haven't got a bloody clue as to what mine is.  But as someone wanting to occasionally be important to the plot and as an immensely curious, story-hungry player that I am, I *want* to know.  To scrabble out some hint or clue.

Tonight, Gene the GM said it was something I had asked him directly about, and that I've touched on it already.  I'll know in full time when it comes to fruition.

Things I've spoken to him directly about-

My band- (Tim's a superhero to salve his conscience about fooling around trying to start a band, instead of being an upright contributing member of society as his mother defines it.  He puts it as, if he's going to shamelessly indulge himself doing what makes him happy, he's also going to make himself useful *somehow*.  And they're both pretty exciting, you have to admit.)  He tries to balance time between superhero work and working with his band, and he's strongly considering/may have already told Angeline, the tough chick who keeps things together, about what it is that causes him to occasionally disappear.

My family- (Tim comes from a clan of werewolves, long established and having immigrated from France in the 1700's to escape the 'Gevadaun' incident, when eighty, ninety people got killed because some damn fool thought fur, fangs and endurance made him king over the monkies.  His mother, for some reason, was purely human.  Didn't change, didn't want to.  She moved into town away from her trashy/feral relatives, and married the big man in town.  She's been deadlocked in battle with her son because he is a werewolf and refuses not to be.)  Malachite already fucked with his family once before, set a little 24-hour plague on his mother and father, same as Sentinel's parents, that went away when we toed the line and worked with him.  I'm not sure, though.  It could have more to do with the clan of werewolves on his mother's side, who I haven't yet established if they're magic, genetic, or just one of those things that a world full of superheroes is going to have on the edges of the night. 

Secret ID- he may not have been taking as much care as I had assumed with the secret ID thing, although I certainly tried to think of these things.  It only recently occured to me that I hadn't specified some facial obscurance for the human form- I'd been thinking something like deep eyeliner/paint that outlined the eyes in large triangles, kind of emphasizing the leanness and pointiness and feralness of those wolf-eyes.  Think ElfQuest and Timmorn Yellow-eyes.  But I'm wondering if that's going to be what screws me in the end, or those I love.


I dunno.  I was thinking of something else earlier, and I can't for the life of it remember it- ah, now I recall.  I'd recently been wondering just how is it people go from decision to actually being superheroes, in a world where superheroes actually exist and are a common thing.  I kind of know motive- it's the opportunity that escapes me.  How does a young man from a little Georgia town where half his family is That Bunch In The Hills who just want to be left alone, wandering the US to get away from his mother, and playing music with his scuzzy rocker friends in Chicago get from the idea that he needs to do something, to actually being picked or applying for the position of Junior Member on the Sentinals of Justice team?  It's the picked/applying thing that's gnawing on my brains, unless he started by just busting up crime on some lower level, on his own.  How does one move up to that level?  If there even is a 'level' system?

That was my last major thing I'd emailed him with.  Don't know entirely how that would involve a 25-point Disad.  Still- the possibilities are endless, and I hope I don't feel like an idiot when I find out- mostly, I just want it to make good drama without too much inherent shame^^  Shame for things like trying to do too much or being careless in a way that leaves others vulnerable to being hurt, is what I/Tim would worry about.

Edit-  !!!!  That scar!  That's another thing I emailed and asked about!

See, there was an incident early on in the campaign, where we were rescuing a one Doctor Arcane from the captivity in which his more evil daughter had bound him- there were little imps/fire elementals guarding the pentagram that kept him locked in, and that was our introduction to killing attacks.  One of the things that happened was an imp scoring a critical hit and essentially punching its magma-y arm up under my werewolf's ribs.  That hurt.  A lot.  And most unusual for my little regenerator, it left a scar, a bald spot in the wolf-form's pelt and just a bit of odd skin that twinges occasionally.

Could that be something?  Not worth 25 points, surely, unless it's some major demonic taint/possession stuff to go with the name Devildog oh my god that would be horrible and yet kinda cool but not what I had intended for my character...


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