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Got the cat back from surgery, turns out the tumor (fibro-sarcoma, usually comes from irritants like being bit or vaccinated) had choked off its own blood supply which was why it ulcerated and was so rotten.  Strawberry's got a big shaven Frankensteinian incision across her shoulders and is moving about very carefully.

In other news, new tenant/houseguest/roommate of houseguest moving in, going to bring in a little more money month to month.  Mom says it's *possible* we might save the house with this.  Me, I'm hopeful, but I'm also waiting to see my first paycheck.  When and where do you pick those up?  They never said, and you don't get direct deposit as an hourly associate.  The joys of being New....
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Feeling much better today.  I was feeling puffy and out of sorts and very- 'careful of the full spot' the last two days, but today I'm feeling pretty okay.  The longer I'm up and about the more I get the barest beginnings of the pinchy sensations under my liver, but it'll be a while before it works up to full unpleasantness, and the general feeling of overfullness that was bugging me last night is gone for now.  (This of course happens after I write a note to my doctor mentioning that the discomfort's been growing over the last two days.)

It was also the second morning in a row today that I woke up with Whiskey, my psycho obnoxious alpha male mostly-outdoors kitty, demanding loves, not out.

Even he has it in him to be a medicine cat*, when the situation is dire.

In other news, last night I found a nifty Harry Potter fic in which both Harry and Dudley recieve letters to Hogwarts- Dudley, lacking much but a sort of dumb courage, gets into Gryffindor, and Harry, not wanting to be with his cousin, gets Slytherined.  It's very interesting to see how things work out between them and the rest of the characters- the relationships that you're used to are not taken for granted, but are frequently addressed as they would logically be in this AU, and it's not meanspirited the way some sorts of AU takes on a canon can be.  I like it.

*There's a phenomena in my house that we call 'medicine cat'.  Or maybe it's just us being weird.  But there are certain of our furbeasties who will cuddle up with someone who's not feeling well- particularly Duncan, the longhaired black rug with the giant Maine Coon paws.  Whiskey kind of gave up on 'medicine cat' (and went out and out crazy) when my sister passed on, ten years ago (he was *her* kitten- I may write a story about a bodyguard cat gone ronin after failing to save his mistress from unfightable disease about him someday)- but he's been slowly mellowing out.


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