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So I was trying out my tablet with my new computer and new free art program.  I'm not sure where the problem is, but there was a lot of lag between pen and screen, and it was sucking, so I decided, crazy idea, to just go sketch with a pencil- and glory of glories, it stopped sucking.  Now if only my scanner had compatible drivers with Windows 7...  So you all get to see the phone-pics in all their horror instead.

Meant to be a 'different ages' meme.  Goes with the orcs I was babbling about in the last entry. ; Orc girl at 5. ; Orc girl at 13. Orc woman at 17. ; Orc woman at 25.

Annnnd the links are sucking.  The only working one is '17', so if you want just go to that one and then head to my scraps gallery on dev-art from there.
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Because she totally is.

I'm just really hoping that as the season progresses we actually get to see her humbled and willing to learn the meaning of being the Avatar, rather than just flail around as she gets used and manipulated and tied up by bad guys and tentacle-vines.  That is- I'm waiting for her exile to Midgard to actually kick in.  Love her dearly, buuuut...

In other news, clearing out crap from house in prep for moving at end of the month.  Hoping to get sword-making into gear once established in new place.  Here's hoping no more major explosions in life anytime soon, unless they're of the excellent-job-shows-up-and-boyfriend-doesn't-have-to-move-to-Arizona kind.

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Zuko's Daughter
by ~weirdlet on deviantART

Just some speculation on my part.

Small Shiny

Feb. 1st, 2012 02:27 pm
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Orc Mural
by ~weirdlet on deviantART

Bit of a scribble for my larp character, Greshka.
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Hey, gang- feeling a bit scribblish and the ol' tablet has become unpleasantly dusty.  Who's for sketches?

Soft theme of AtLA, but I'm open to general fantasy, crossovers or AUs.  Let's say two prompts per person, standard disclaimer of may be slow and not fill everything.
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A riff on the classic 'big pimping' barbarian chief/heroic adventurer settling down to spend their coin.

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First up-

For the lovely :iconbecky2112:, an ink-ed version of the scribble I did for her drabbles in the drow!Fire Family AU. 

Second up- I'm working on cleaning the house.  It is end-game, I have a month before ACen and my first house-guest in many years stays before and after the con.  I am GOING to DO THIS.  May God strike me down if I don't put in some substantial effort every day between now and the first week in May.

Third- melodramatic vows aside, I just made a deal with a local game store to sell my shiny dice bags.  We've got an initial price set while we see how popular they are and what designs move, and I can make more and bring 'em by and see what works.  And the prices, I think, are quite reasonable (even if I would balk at paying that kind of money, even for a shiny handmade satin-lined bag.  With pretty beads on the cords.  But I'm righteously paranoid with my budget, so who's to say).

4th- am working on random fantasy cheesecake, namely the ol' tiefling-rogue-and-paladin pairup I've had in my head forever.  I like odd couples.  Have a gander, see if anything looks off. 

5th- will get back to writing eventually.  It always goes this way- I get fits and spurts of something, periods of really intense productivity, then fzzt for a while.  It usually cycles back around, I'm just hoping for a shorter turnaround than the usual couple of years.


Mar. 26th, 2010 02:29 pm
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by ~weirdlet on deviantART 

And the art is rolling again!  Stayed up too late doing this- after I get some cleaning done, going to take another stab at commission-stuffs.
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Little Soldier Girl
by ~weirdlet on deviantART

Okay, so I'm a little too subtle when it comes to differentiating genderflipped versions of characters- but I like it^^


Jan. 20th, 2010 03:15 am
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Of a sort, at least.  Am breaking off for a bit from trying to get stuff actually written and am just scribbling the fun bits, rather than the lead-up that makes it work.  Ta da.

Firelight Fountain JetZura-  (just a scrap, but I hope to expand it later)

Also!  Lookit this nifty icon Attackfish made for the Sun Child AU!

I always forget to change my icons about, but the fact that it exists is awesome.
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This is more on the order of a notes to self- have made the rough base for Ursa-doll's dress, am a little iffy about doing much more with this machine until it gets a thorough working-over at the fabric store. Still wavering back and forth on biting down and ordering doll hair to reroot the heads with, especially with duedates for school's blood-money coming up.

Need to practice and get comfortable with the Milliput and an exacto- need to build Ursa-doll's chin up, shave down Azula's nostrils a little (I think somehow she's an Olsen-twin doll), and overall figure out appropriate repainting techniques. Next up for her- perhaps start on some of her uniforms, at least the pants and shirt under them.
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newest addiction satisfied.

New Shiny^^

Nov. 8th, 2009 04:59 pm
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New shiny thing- first!  One of the nifty icons Suzukiblu made for me.  There are perhaps a dozen or more, and they are all fantastic.

Second- the picture done in trade, to do with her FirenationSoldier'sBastard!Jet drabble.

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Once again- saw someone else's prompt on someone else's meme, and had to do something with it.  This time it was Avocado-love's request on a writing meme for an AU where Zuko and Sokka are dogs forced to share a kennel.  It was too adorable.


Oct. 21st, 2009 02:01 pm
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So I've got a gig where I do pro-bono concept art for a start-up videogame company.  If the project gets a backer, I get paid, but meanwhile, I get to practice keeping deadlines, working to descriptions, and building a portfolio.  So- I find this is good for my sanity, if not my wallet, but my wallet was going to be feeling poorly in any case.  This way, I get to have fun^^  It's like a weekly challenge with incentive to participate.

And they say they *like* what I'm doing, so far^^  I am a happy little bee.

Also- wig-making is oddly soothing.  I'm working hard on my costume and I may-just-may have it ready for Halloween.  Note to self- start wearing the damn contacts again to get used to them, otherwise you're going to be a young orc priestess stumbling around blind....  Oh, and the bodice, otherwise you're going around topless in Chicago fall weather and that's just not fun.

And now, Weirdlet Dream Theater presents- last night's oddly fitting weirdness.  I was dancing in a club or some kind of concert, and I got invited over to another party, an orc-themed one- I kept asking hey, can I get my gear? I need my costume, I haven't got it on-! but they said, nah, it was fine, just come on in and play!  I was surrounded by moshing (I think that's the right word?  Anyway, dancing and stomping) orcs that I knew were girls and guys like me under it, but we still got to put on our orc-faces for the night.  It was a hell of a lot of fun.

And then it seemed like we were next door to a baseball game beyond the screen that was one wall (screen/net/thing to climb and cling to), and at some point I was playing keep-away with Gollum.

Yeah.  Weird, but that's how my dreams go.  It was still fun, even after the main premise went away.


Oct. 11th, 2009 01:18 am
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I have just rediscovered (by my usual circuitous route of links) the idea of candied/crystallized flowers.  Now I want to make them.  Or use them in some elaborate decorative fantasy-themed shindig for people.  I suppose if I were still in the habit of trying to please art teachers, I'd set up a whole project exploring luxury, expensive frippery, and how many different types of decadence you can visually appeal to all senses with in one piece, because I'm thinking of trying it with roses, then doing some beads of honey or something like dewdrops, and setting it up so it's all lit up like pretty gems.

I'm salivating and horny at the same time, that much sensual luxury packed up in a little bit of nothing.  I am strange.

Damn- if I was at an art school proper, maybe I coulda done something with that.

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-Only shinier.  I have a shiny again- and this time it's meant as an advertising flier, selling my talents as a character-illustrator.  I'll get it printed up nicely and hopefully my friend will let me leave a few at his comic shop, and other geek hangouts will be similarly generous with their bulletin-board space.

And who knows, maybe someone will want me to do up a picture or two to their description.  I like creating faces, bodies, clothes according to neat descriptions, and if I can charge a little for the time spent in doing so, that's nothing to sneeze at.  I'm starting out small- I'm an amateur and have no following, plus art is a luxury and times are troubled- but Mom wants me to put a line in about 'prices good until Nov. 30,' at which point, for holiday rush, I should charge a little more.

I think I'll just wait and see if I get any bites in the first place, but I'll think about it.

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Last thing today, I promise- Atom Heart Mother, the evil counterpart of Apple Macintosh in the Champions game.

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Gene had mentioned surprise that I hadn't done up pics of the Champions characters' opposite numbers from our dimension-hop to Opposite World, where our heroes are the villainous, despotic rulers of the city-state of Chicago.  Here's the first up of the lot- my boy Devildog, werewolf superhero, as Devildog, wild hunter and eater of cowed citizenry.

Big version here-

Next up- Apple Macintosh, as Atom-Heart Mother.


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