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Hellfire (Hunchback of Notre Dame).  Azula/Katara, since there's not enough Ozai footage for it, I don't think.  I dunno, I started thinking about wanting to do some sort of Ursa/Ozai vid and tried to think of appropriate songs, despaired at the small amount of footage of either of them, then started thinking of Ozai being all obsessive and watched a youtube vid of the song proper, and that his thing for Ursa wasn't *that* filthy-obsessive, and then- 'Ohhh, but what if it was *Katara* who played the gypsy girl, that's all *kinds* of suitable wrongness!'

I *just* deleted the bastards from my harddrive!  I don't need this!

...I'll figure something out.
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Yeee!  Finally, finally got my Zuko vid to a point where I am satisfied with it!  Now I can get rid of the .vob files clogging my hard drive...

If you see this, if you have a comment, like it, hate it, constructive crit, absolute devastation, please- let me know!  I do not do these just for my health!


Jun. 10th, 2009 03:12 am
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Bah humbug, enough with my constant need to explain myself-

I'm enjoying editing- I'm *almost* done with my current AMV.  I'm just a little frustrated because I need to fill in this little gap in the middle, and fill in the end. 

Spoiler... )

Also- AC/DC's coming back to my area!  I don't have the money to see them, and I need to concentrate on getting a job and/or getting back to school (my six-month grace period is up in September and I don't get another one, even when/if I eventually graduate), but still! 


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