Oct. 12th, 2013 10:33 pm
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typing from new computer in new apartment with the glorious sensation of icy-hot on mini-tears in muscles all through back and Steam Powered Giraffe on the speakers.  wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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I seriously haven't had this much trouble watching an episode since The Ember Island Players.  I just- I have this horrible reflexive embarrassment watching dumb shit happen.

I love the ideas of Legend of Korra.  I love the characters- just not how they're used in the narrative.  And I hate, hate, *haaaaate* the thought of being that one fan, the one who writes a huge alternaverse that's entertaining at first but you just have to wonder 'did you actually like *anything* about the original, or did you just see it as a fine skin to try and wrap your own clearly genius ideas in?'  Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, the ElfQuest Alternaverse, Embers...

And at the same time, it's fucking painful to watch what should be so awesome just flatly *fail* at it.

Anyone wanna help me?  Just brainstorm, maybe prompt some stuff?  A timeline divergence here, a character's hidden personality being different there, a larger exploration of some significant event that got skimmed over there...

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What if Eska and Desna's mom is some kind of spirit-woman?  Their dad is obsessed with spirits, their mom is absent in the show so far, and they themselves are adorable little creepazoids (with badass waterbending) who have serious problems interacting with other human beings.  Wouldn't that make so much sense?
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Mister Bluewater, perhaps if you had a vastly under-valued and watered-down education, few prospects for anything like the stand-alone life that was set up as the bar for adult success for you, a fading and hole-filled family network to fall back on once it becomes clear that living independently will not be feasible for you or 90% of your peers, and the knowledge that all the diverse careers that would have been open to you are now outsourced or no longer careers but crowd-sourced 'volunteer'/unpaid intern positions, perhaps you would be just a little bit tetchy and unapologetic about it. I did exactly what I was told to do, and I, and all of my friends, people who I would gladly help support if I could, got sold upriver.

I swear, we are one or two environmental disasters away from another dust-bowl style exodus (yay bees). Perhaps you remember The Grapes of Wrath, Mister Bluewater. I was assigned to read it in early highschool, and I really hoped I would be able to forget it. Not for boredom's sake, but for the sheer existential *horror* of it- but that's rather difficult to forget when you're watching it happen all around you. When it gets to a point where people are roaming the country in homeless tribes once more, begging for any work they can get, will you regard them as so fallen they can never be peer-citizens again, just more undeserving moochers reaping the results of not being the right kind of prepared for the next shift in economic paradigm?

Don't insult my intelligence. Don't insult my integrity. And don't you dare think that this is over- for any of us.
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Because she totally is.

I'm just really hoping that as the season progresses we actually get to see her humbled and willing to learn the meaning of being the Avatar, rather than just flail around as she gets used and manipulated and tied up by bad guys and tentacle-vines.  That is- I'm waiting for her exile to Midgard to actually kick in.  Love her dearly, buuuut...

In other news, clearing out crap from house in prep for moving at end of the month.  Hoping to get sword-making into gear once established in new place.  Here's hoping no more major explosions in life anytime soon, unless they're of the excellent-job-shows-up-and-boyfriend-doesn't-have-to-move-to-Arizona kind.

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The thing with the Fae X-men/Brotherhood thing going on, where your vows are literally as binding as the laws of physics if physics were based on strength of body and spirit-

Wouldn't flyting be a Thing, in that instance?  And the grandiose speeches that heroes and villains give, monologuing as a free action (as we say in my D&D group).  Those would literally be displays of power, as well as reckless overconfidence if you're vowing all over the place in public that your enemies will fall (and that their mothers dress them funny) etc.  I figure for every time one cannot complete an oath (or deliberately fails to, or breaks one), there's a loss of some of your magical energy, up to and including life force, as well as painful backlash.  That's if you're not so constrained by your vows that you cannot consider deliberately disobeying in the first place.

I keep thinking of thing that require a lot more brain power than I can bring to bear at the moment, but which I want to see.  Edit- to clarify, this suddenly requires a much better head for poetry and literary references than I have.
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In Shaan's neck of the woods, men (regardless of sex) do the fighting and defending, but women own the animals.  There's crossover, of course- the tools women use for weaving, cooking, making the household liveable are theirs, just as men have their horses- but what's hard and handmade (coin and weapons and bridles) is the domain of the fighters, and what's live and living the domain of the peace-weavers.  There are stories of how if a man pisses off his lady, she'll send her sheep-herding dogs on his horses- or if he does worse to her, how vicious hounds of lightning will harry him to the end of his days, keeping him far from his home and kin if they do not catch and eat him outright.

A woman's dowry, and a bit of her standing, is based on how many animals she brings with her to a marriage.  That's part of why there's trouble when Aksinya gets hustled off to her new in-laws, having been cut off from the family magic in order to prevent her power from falling into the wrong hands and her from being forced into the role of dark messiah at the helm of a conquering army.  (The white witch who rides on tides of blood and feeds her enemies to Grandfather Kraken is- kind of a recurring thing in their history.)  She doesn't bring any of the traditional worthwhile things, and is thus a poor bride for their prince.
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Thank you all- it's been really sweet and really helpful hearing from you guys who've posted.  I am dealing, and will continue to deal.  There's a lot of things that I wanted to change but never expected to happen all at this once- and at such a price.

But we will manage.
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My dad is gone.  He wasn't feeling well yesterday (in a way that he's survived before), so we cleaned up the place and as he got worse, we called the ambulance.  I stepped away because I couldn't handle it, and Mom gave me the details when I got back in and it turns out he had a heart attack, possibly two, at the behest of his failing kidneys.  He never woke up, never really stabilized, and we realized- he himself was probably gone before the ambulance came.

We let him go, and he passed around 5:30. 

I've been bracing for this for years, but it still- it shouldn't have happened now.  Of course it had the potential to happen, of course I couldn't push him into healthier habits even as I was caring for him, but- it can't happen now.

But it has.

We put on his music, let him off the tube, and I told him that we loved him, to give our love to Becky and to go in peace.

Just- *fuck*.
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So, someone asked an excellent question that I need to figure out an answer to.

How *would* the Ember Island Players treat Zura in the Sun Child universe version of "The Boy in the Iceberg"?  Is it possible to interpret/misinterpret her character and situation in a humorous way?  Would she be written as an easy girl, as young and foolish, or possibly in a sympathetic light?  (I'm not sure Pu On Tim can handle that level of character complexity, but it would be interesting to see that mixed in.)

It's easy to make fun of teenaged boy shenanigans.  Harder to do so with a teenaged mom and have it come out funny.  I'm a bit stumped.
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Yoinked from Beckyh2112-

In honor of All Hallow's Eve, I'm inviting trick-or-treaters to my 'door.' Comment "trick-or-treat" to this post and...well, you know the drill. Treats can be anything that strikes my fancy (pics of fave actors or pairings, one sentence fics, graphics, a few words why I'm glad to have you on my flist, etc. etc.)
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So, with the caveat of I know better than to tempt fate, and I will be going to screenings for as long as they tell me to- I do not have ovarian cancer!  Nor do I need to remove anything else, have any more surgery, prepare myself to die in my thirties, etc, at this point in time!  I have so much yay about this!

There is so much bullet-dodging in this house.  There's unfortunately a few catches too, and occasional wings, but- ye gods, we're just a lightning rod for the weird.

So yeah.  Because my insurance ran out (I aged out of my mother's coverage), I got everything I could done at the last second, things I had been putting off for years because copays on the household budget I was given were laughable (and yet people would nag me to do things for myself at the same time I was having to beat my head against the wall to make food and medicine for my elders stretch to next payday).  In looking for PCOS and to ensure the IUD I wanted was a good idea, we found the two giant cysts.  In hemming and hawing over 'is it *really* necessary' and 'we won't *know* anything until we go in and take a look', I decided to hell with it and took the risk of surgery and a few days' vacation from my 24/7 household job and ohmygodtheyFOUNDsomething.  So yeah.  Worth it.  Scary, but worth the whole reluctant 'I don't want to raise a damn fuss, but it's not supposed to be that bad, I might as *well*...' decision to take the surgery on the teeth and get it over with.  Because if I didn't, of course something bad was going to happen and I wouldn't know until it killed me.

And it would have.  The difference between 'abnormal' and 'cancer' is speed of growth- and this stuff was slow-growing, but it had the structure of aggressive ovarian cancer, pappilari serrous (sp?), two main tumors and some loose cells in the abdominal wash- and I had no fucking idea.  I would not have known a thing about it until it had spread all over the place, switched over to malignant speed, and went off like a bomb.

I'm babbling.  Can you really blame me?

Also, Daddy is taking testosterone.  His levels were apparently comparable with my Vitamin D levels, that is, where there's normally a range of 200 to 500 he was in the thirties.  Low testosterone is apparently also linked with diabetes.  So now he's got that, and he's doing his exercises as best he can.  He says he's feeling better, I'm noticing a bit less weight on him, and his legs are looking better- the discolored patches are still there, but they're pink instead of purple, and the bubbly flesh is firming up and shrinking a bit.  It's all still *there*- and I don't hold out hope for an instantaneous cure that will solve all our problems and free me to have my own life anytime soon- but it's *better*.  And anything that's better than what it was, you know, I'll take it.


Sep. 28th, 2012 08:43 am
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Daylight- when did that happen?

Got dad off to bed earlier than usual, which meant I could actually bother to sleep before having to get mom off to the train in the morning.  Now fully awake at eight in the morning.  This generally does not happen.  Still, I am functional and not in 'need rest' mode, so taking advantage while it's there.

Still working away at various construction and cleaning projects around the house- apologies to those waiting for artistic stuff from me, I really am not reliable and it's shameful, but real life is taking large precedent over LJ and attendant online-socialization.  Life has been mildly exciting, though fortunately not the kind of exciting that leaves people hospitalized.

Still mentally poking at the strange spots in my head, with the water princess and the rider princess and the teenaged sidhe and bits'n'pieces for the eternally uncooked D&D campaign.  Trying to relax and let things gel rather than nervously wish that I could write my way out of a non-fanfic paper bag.  That never helps (much like turning into a giant snake).

Need to make time to sit in hospital clinic and do the face-to-face so they'll actually process my paperwork (they being about two months behind according to the counselor).  Maybe once I'm actually in (god I hope they'll take me) I can get my glasses replaced too.  My script hasn't changed, but my only pair are scratched to hell and I couldn't afford to replace them back when I had insurance (the frames were not the problem.  The lenses were what was making it 300 and change, whereas now it would be 600).

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Sleeping Beauty as an active participant, not a passive object-

Some sort of trance-magic or astral travel?  Perhaps it’s something she’s doing to let her body heal or to wield great powers in defense of her kingdom-

Ooh. )

Now I just need a dynasty-long plot to fill in the slumber-years.

In other news, still doing major repairs on back apartment with Mom.  Roaches are long dead, but now we're just having to do all the cleanup work, and the painting turned into a biiiig project when I put scraper to crack and immediately went down to the cardboard, which then proceeded to peel (in uneven sheets and layers) off the entire wall.  All that and we still have to raise the water-heater about eighteen inches.

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Or- I'm off to GenCon and enjoy writing at three in the morning when I really should be sleeping.

Characters of note so far in the weird-based-on-a-dream-I-had-Fae-Xmen-Evolution thing thus far: )
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Zuko's Daughter
by ~weirdlet on deviantART

Just some speculation on my part.
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Bits and pieces of headcanon/trying to get a grip on certain characters.

Mako- )

Bolin- )

Korra- )

Tahno )

Asami- )

I ship Korra/Tahno, Korra/Mako/Bolin, and Korra/full harem, because Korra/Mako just isn't gonna cut it.  Also Korra/BFFs for all, because you can have a badass adventure saga with boys and girls and have mutual love and respect and loyalty without necessarily romance getting involved.  (Though it is fun to see hints of where it'll all fall out after the big events pan out.)
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As we won’t have Korra for a long, long time, I’ve decided to come up with something that might be fun, or not. Please use this challenge to deal with your Tahorra feels for at least 30 days. After this, we can think about something else. This ship is huge and magical, so we might stumble upon some new fresh cookies once in a while, right?

Day 01: Your first reaction to Tahorra
  "That makes so much sense.  Why didn't I think of that?"

Day 02: When and how did you start shipping it?
  Just about then.  Hard.

Day 04: A song that fits Tahorra
  Buffy Sainte-Marie, Cripple Creek

Day 05: Favorite Tahorra fanart
  This thing here.  Also, this.

Day 06: Favorite Tahorra fanfiction
  Most of what's on Toe-to-Toe already.  1,000 Yuans does hit a lot of guilty-pleasure/yeah-that-works headcanon moments for me, though.

Day 07: Favorite Tahorra video
  None so far- I'd love to see some.

Day 08: Favorite Tahorra headcanon
  That he's got some old-school Water-Tribe tattoos under his clothes.  Also, that he totally ends up her wife.  Her snarky, stylish, vicious, cunning wife who can navigate her through high (and low) society with aplomb.

Day 09: Favorite Tahno moment on the show
  Losing his shit in the arena.

Day 10: Favorite Korra moment on the show
  The thing with Naga- she's not impressed with his attitude, and she's not about to be gulled into fouling their chances in the tournament.

Day 11: Something you think that could’ve happened involving Tahno and Korra on the show
  Oh, lots- Naga dragging him in to rescue Korra from the cabin in the mountains, Korra hauling his mopey butt to Air-Temple Island to dry out after he loses his high lifestyle from the pro-bending, him being totally unimpressed with her country-girl ways and giving her a lesson on some of what the city has to offer.  Him joining up and using Equalist zap-gloves ("Really, honey?  One-handed gloves are sooo  tacky...")

Day 12: What do you like the most about the ship?
  That they challenge each other.  That they're both needful of change and capable of it.  And they're one of the few antagonistic ships that I can really see just chilling out and helping each other as well as making hella-frontpage scenes.

Day 13: What do you like the least about the ship?
  That it'll never happen for realz.

Day 14: A random line from a Tahorra fanfiction

Day 15: A color that fits Tahno and Korra

Day 16: Another ship (from any series) that resembles Tahorra

Day 17: Favorite Tahno line on the show
  "You gotta get'im for me."

Day 18: Favorite Korra line on the show
  "You wanna go toe to toe with me, pretty boy?"

Day 19: Waterbender Tahno or non-bender Tahno?
  Both.  Non-bender for a while, but once the cure's been invented, he'll probably take it up after he's settled his affairs.  Possibly after a while of avoiding it because he's afraid of losing *what makes him him* all over again.  It's not going to bring back the championship, the stardom, the place in the world he had before- but damnit, it's his and he can get that good again.

Day 20: List every Tahorra-related fanwork you’ve produced so far (fanfiction, fanart, music videos, etc.)
  Zilch.  Need to remedy that soon.

Day 21: Favorite Tahorra graphic

Day 22: Favorite Tahorra fanwork genre (drama, smut, fluffy, etc.)

Day 23: Favorite Tahno/Korra/Tahorra blogs

Day 24: A prompt for a possible Tahorra fanfiction
  Tahno is descended from the Foggy Swamp tribe.  After the arena attack, the whole clan shows up to support him.  "Uh-vatar, you gotta save me from my relatives!"

Day 25: A Tahorra moment that you would like to see in a fanart
  Korra looking pimpin' and Tahno playing it up for the cameras, hanging off her like a gold-digger with his sugar-mama.

Day 26: In a scale from 1 to 10, how hard do you ship Tahorra?
  Um... I like it better than the canon ship, but would accept it as about a level five or six crack-pairing if I could stand how Mako was written the last six episodes.

Day 27: A friend of yours that ships Tahorra

Day 28: Your reaction whenever Tahno shows up on the screen
  "You look so glorious when you've been kicked in the teeth."

Day 29: Write a Tahorra drabble

Day 30: Your Tahorra-related hopes for Book 2
  That it will exist?  Given that I'm going to be blithely re-imagining canon as I go already, let's say that after Korra went on her vision-quest and came back with the first hints of how to cure being de-bended, she kicks Tahno's ass out of the dumps and has him take her home to the Foggy Swamp to study up on the closest thing to bloodbenders she can get.  Tahno is horrified to realize she gets along better with his relatives than he does.


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