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So I was reading the Freeport Trilogy and about the serpent people whose Ancient Empire(tm) collapsed after an encounter with the cult of the Unspeakable One and its madness.  Their primary deity back in the day was Yig, and while I was mulling bits of flavor-text to be spoken by horrid cultist and hidden, kindly watcher alike, it started going on in my head about Yig-drass, the world serpent, the tree of serpents, everything in the world and the father/mother who is all.  Also stuff about 'we sinned against Father Sun, and so he retreats from us a little more each year- do not begrudge us these final, dusty days, for our end will come as it does for all of us, and you too, in your time,' -but mostly the big smush-up of Ygdrassil the World Tree and Jormungandr the World-Serpent based off the silly decision of a WotC author to name a snake-god Yig.

Also figure that the orcs' gods are He Who Watches and She Who Waits.  He Who Watches is more Odin than Gruumsh, and more goblin than Uruk-hai warrior.  Slinky little thief and spy with a cloak, a hat, and an eye-patch who snarks at you.  She Who Waits is somewhere between Frigga, Hera, Kali and every earth-mother goddess you've ever heard of, with a strong militaristic bent that feels sort of like Athena.  Ravens like them both.  He Who Watches will make you a deal and seal it with an eyeball- She Who Waits will just make damn sure that there's a line and anyone who crosses it is crow-food.
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