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astflge the thing with the two princesses the trick is that Aksinya is Grandfather Kraken's agent on land, created at his behest, but the being cut off from the family magic means that she isn't his *puppet*. She can talk back, hold her agency hostage- "You can unmake me, yes, but let's see, that's at least sixteen years before your next Chosen One can go investigate what's happening *right now*..."

"We do it my way or not at all."  And thus, she's able to midwife the creation of a new spirit rather than just kill it before it can come into being.  I'm not sure about that, it was a suggestion made based on my other campaign setting where the orcs are creating their own god to have their back because nobody else will.

Also, the reason that spirits are even *interested* in humans at all, especially great spirits like Grandfather Kraken- spirits are what they are, an essential being of a thing or an animal or a place.  They can come into being, they can sometimes be destroyed, they can even learn and grow to an extent- but in between, they don't really change all that much.  Humans?  Humans change *themselves* to fit into places and arrangements and niches that could never have fit them in their natural state.  They're *fascinating*.  And thus, Aksinya's mother's lineage of sea-priestesses, who can hear the great kraken from his dark bed and, it's rumored, go to serve him after they die (black-eyed grey-skinned mermaids, who sing of the upper world).


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