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Oh, the sly Bolin....

Oh, *Bolin*.

I would almost want this to work out.  I like quirky, bizarre and non-mainstream romances.  Except that in the interim Eska was nuts and Bolin was a jerk and regardless of actual abusive relationship status, neither of them are really ready for Relationship at this point, I don't think.  It's- there's so much bad characterization, I keep having to focus on what points I'm keeping in my headcannon because the rest is a wild ride of nonsense, like fifty years of comics continuity in one series.

....oh god, was that just tentacle face-fucking?  She's your *niece* for crying out loud!

Spirit butterflies!

...what just happened?  Did he just cut Raava in half?  Did he just - I don;t think he could have destroyed all those other spirits, but- shouldn't Raava be stronger for having been so many others, or is it just a connection? know, I really wanted Korra to learn about being herself separate from the Avatar, but I didn't want her de-powered to do it.

You know, *again*.

Iiit's a fucking kaiju.

Oh Korra, sweetie...

I'm not getting it.  Where's the eternal darkness?  What is Vaatu's game here?  Is he really, literally, just going to fucking rampage in a giant physical spirit-body and destroy human civilization?  Or is there something else he's going to try to do that's actually big and world-ending, and this is just Unalaq getting his Saturday cartoon super-villain kicks on?

Why is he bothering with this?  These planes can't threaten him.  What the hell is going on?

...Oh, Varrick.

And in the tree- this is the moment I have wanted Korra to start having.  Oh, baby girl...  (and it's also why I wonder why Raava and Vaatu were necessary in the first place).

and now I'm holding my breath.  It's like- this must be it.  This must be the true potential of *any* human spirit that truly, fully opens its chakras and holds itself open to the universe.  Having the powers just helps show you the way, the methods and stretches the 'muscles' for it.

It's a spiritual kaiju fight.

...I still don't understand this spiritual-bending thing that Unalaq does.  Is it supposed to be calming/changing emotional states in a spirit?  Binding it to your will, or just taking control of its energy like spiritual blood-bending?

Hell of a last stand for the friends of Korra-

*blink*  And that just happened?  Oh, wow, Bolin.  And Eska.  Oh my.

Oh, *Jinora*.  Be careful, sweetie, indeed!

What just- okay, recreated Raava, and pleeeeease don't have sacrificed Jinora to do it, please- re-lights the spark of light in the heart of darkness, and Korra knocks him back like an avenging goddess over an altar and rips it right out of him- she gets her Avatar-ish mojo back (maybe? she's still a giant spirit) and then spirit-soothes/spiral dances Una-Vaatu into- motes of light?  Forcibly pulled him into alignment so he could no longer maintain his vicious integrity?

Oh, Jinny, *you* saved it.  But Korra definitely helped.

Oh, Korra baby.

-oh?  You may be very good at compartmentalizing your feelings, Eska&Desna, but you have a mother?  Where?

AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH oh Eska.  I knew it.  I knew they were both riding the tide of adrenaline.

Oh, turtleduck.  Oh, Bum-Ju.

She's thinking.  She's really come to the crux of what being the Avatar is about and she's giving it real *thought* oh I've waited for this for two seasons.

A real, and clear, mature relationship decision.  Be still, my heart!  And stop leaking, face.



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