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-and watching just a bit of LoK- Night of a Thousand Stars before bed. I'm hoping for something amazing, but I'm pretty steadfastly determined to ignore Bolin's characterization from this season.  He used to be sweet, buoyant and respectful, optimistic without necessarily being innocent, as much as he tries to cling to it.  And he used to be both intelligent and dignified.

Not no more.

Forget just getting a swelled head with fame- that scene with him and Mako in the lockup is characteristic of all my bitching about how 'these guys are supposed to be Team Avatar?  They're *barely* friends!'  The relationships, rough and smooth, were what *made* A:tLA.  This?  Bad pacing I could forgive, crap villainy I could forgive, the inability to carry a storyline through I could forgive- but this utter fail of the bond of brothers (sisters/friends/parents/mentors/love interests) is what makes me angry.

I like that President Raiko is pretty savvy, though.  He seems to be doing the Reasonable Authority Figure thing, even in a world gone painfully nutty.

And all the stuff with Jinora in danger and Tenzin and Pema is making me cry in a good way.  It's like Les Mis, it's horrible but it's so genuine I appreciate the feels even if they hurt coming up.

In other news, we finally got some help today clearing out the basement.  Who knows, maybe we'll actually be able to clear the place out and hand it over to the bank sometime in the next *month*.

(this has dragged on for far too long.  I am so ready to be done with this crap and get back to sword-making.  Oh, and my boyfriend is moving to Arizona, which is just. Great.

But hey, no roaches where he's going!  And better job prospects!


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